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Friday, March 22, 2013

Podcast From The Yellow Room 55

Another selection of some of the music that's 
crossed my desk in the yellow room over the last few weeks


You can listen to the podcast on iTunes by clicking 
the subscription button in the player above

80,000 ljӧӧd maa all
from Vali

from Still Life With Eggplant

Henry Fool
Everyone In Sweden / Chic Hippp
from Men Singing

interview with No-Man / Henry Fool founder, Tim Bowness

Tim talks about: the making of the album / improvisation / the influence of British jazz-rock/ working with Phil Manzanera / Tim’s decision not to sing on this album/ the role of I Monster’s Jarrod Gosling’s on the album / the dynamics of the live No-Man band / the adventurous spirit and organised chaos of 70s prog and Miles Davis/ editing the album / the artform of the 40 minute album /

Bly de Blyant
from ABC

Keith Jarrett
1st Movement
from Hymns Spheres

White Willow
Song / Ingenting
from Ignis Fatuus

Quanah Parker
from Quanah

Robert Jurjendal
Source of Joy III
from Source of Joy

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