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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Tim was excited when he picked me up tonight. He can now sit in his car and say "play Electric Prunes" and suddenly Get Me To The World On Time leaps from the speakers. I don't know if this Open Sesame-style of in-car entertainment extends to other artists, but it was impressive nonetheless.

Tim and I were off to The Sage because I'd been commissioned to review this show...

I wasn't sure how many people would turn out for this nature but Hall No.1 was pretty much packed.

As we waited for the doors to open, Tim enthused at some length about his latest acquisition - a virtual Mellotron. "It was either that or a Harley-Davidson" Tim explained.

Then into the gig, which by and large, was good with a great sound for Hall 1.

Snapped during the interval...

A few hours later Tim dropped me off at the end of my street where we noticed there was a lovely glow on the horizon. I nabbed a snap but of course it doesn't really do it justice...

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