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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Lorenzo Feliciati Frequent Flyer

Lorenzo Feliciati
Frequent Flyer
Rare Noise

One of the dangers of albums by bassists is that the instrument is often disproportionately featured above the rest of the contributors in a lime-light hogging way. Of course, for an instrument that’s usually tucked well behind everything else most of the time, the need to step forth from the backline and strut your stuff is understandable, although often the results will reek of hubristic over-compensation.

Happily Feliciati’s album is a more well-balanced affair when it comes to matching dexterity and technical chops to some decent tunes. Groove First, a furious conversation between bass, percussion and some vintage Jan Hammer-style keyboards, gets the flashy thundering out of the way fairly early in the album, whilst 93 provides a lilting, stately sojourn with Aidan Zamitt’s orchestrally-inclined keyboards and typically dramatic interventions from Pat Mastelotto’s drumming. 

The King Crimson connection continues with a lively knockabout reading of Thela Hun Ginjeet and during Law And Order there’s a lengthy quote from the middle section of Red. The centrepiece of the record however is undoubtedly Never Forget. The longest track on the album finds Feliciati at his simplest and tastiest, anchoring Cuong Vu’s mournful, reverb-wreathed trumpet as it drifts and gathers in quiet slow-burning intensity. A stunning achievement.

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