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Sunday, May 20, 2012


 The view from the office circa 1968 ?

I took the above picture earlier today and gazing upon the finished result I felt a seed of nostalgia sprout somewhere deep in my brain.  Even though I grew up in Wallsend and at that time only came to Whitley Bay for occasional day trips to the coast, I experienced something like a childhood memory of looking out in the street where I now live.

As the software manipulates the photo with washed-out or saturated colours and literally frames it polaroid-style, it's also manipulating one's perception; an intuitive connection to past images in your head which share that shaky grasp of tone and rather blunt composition. 

I know I'm very late to the Instagram party - if not actually turning up as the lights go out - but I'm fascinated with the software that imbues your mobile-taken snap with an air of musty ennui.

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