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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pat Mastelotto Recidivate

Pat Mastelotto
7d Media

The potted biographies will tell you that Pat Mastelotto has played drums with Mr. Mister, XTC, King Crimson and several other high profile names during his impressively eclectic career. Sometimes though it’s far more revealing to peek behind the headlines if you want to find out the real story. 

Recidivate is a defiantly diverse collection that’s both an excellent primer and a guided tour around some of the strange, fascinating and unusual worlds which Mastelotto has visited or helped to create.

As he’s quick to point out this is not so much a solo record as a scrapbook of his collaborative instincts. Many of these partnerships result in angular and spiky outcomes, fizzing with a febrile electronica that injects a high-octane excitement, yet adding a wry subtlety alongside the gut-punch that often accompanies Mastelotto’s input.

As a mad audio scientist wondering what might happen if x is mixed with y, there’ll be times when the result result is an occasional dead end or one-off, the journey sometimes being more important than the destination. Other times however, they’ll whisk the Texas-based musician off on a fruitful exploration that flowers into intriguing and dynamic partnerships of which TU, Tuner, KTU and Stick Men might be the most enduring.

The 42 tracks spread over two separate discs entitled Traps and Buttons - respectively referring to his acoustic and electronic inclinations - radiate humour, enthusiasm and a restless, inquisitiveness, all of which are qualities that very much apply to the man himself.

Find out more and buy Recidivate here

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