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Thursday, March 08, 2012

No-Man Love And Endings

Love and Endings
Burning Shed

Despite what seems like a flurry of concerts and DVD releases (2009’s stunning Mixtaped), No-Man in a live setting is still enough of a rarity to grab attention and ensure tickets shifted like there was no tomorrow.

For those unable to attend their appearance at Leamington Spa in November 2011, Love And Endings offers some degree of consolation at having missed out on what is undeniably a powerful performance.

That rarity element is reinforced not only by the first live performance of My Revenge On Seattle, but the debut of a previously unreleased tune, Beaten By Love, written in the early days of the duo back in the late 80s. The lyrics, hinting at dark bruising encounters, as much psychological as physical, drape themselves with sensual relish across undulating drums. With Steven Wilson’s guitar break resembling something akin to a glowering wall of sound, it’s left to Steve Bingham’s mournful violin to daub traces of mournful tenderness across its imposing surface. 

The band demonstrate such a masterly control of dynamics, packing in more drama into the course of a single song as some bands manage across an entire album. This approach is beautifully exemplified on All The Blue Changes and yet another awe-inspiring rendition of Mixtaped, where the move from a velvet-soft purr through to a full-on turbulent, squalling roar of a finish is as seamless as it is sublime.

You can get the album from Burning Shed

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