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Friday, March 02, 2012

More Days Like This Please!

What an amazing day it's been.

Firstly, I received an invitation (as well the e-ticket for the 'plane flights) to attend an album launch for Swiss band, Sonar, whose debut record, A Flaw Of Nature, I penned sleeve notes for.

The gig, in Zurich next month, not only features Sonar doing their thing but the bill is shared by Nik Bärtsch's Ronin no less. Now that's what I call a win-win situation!

Secondly, I was absurdly gratified to read a review in Classic Rock magazine of Terry Riley's In C and A Rainbow In Curved Air for which I'd recently wrote the liner notes. The review concluded "Both albums have been reissued before, but these editions benefit from excellent explanatory sleeve notes". While the music is always obviously the most important thing on these kinds of jobs, it's always nice to get a pat on the back from reviewers or punters who appreciate one's efforts to provide context, support and information about the making of the album itself.

Thirdly, I received an email from East Coast Trains telling me that I was entitled to six bottles of wine as part of their  loyalty scheme. Loyalty scheme? I hadn't even realised that I was part of any such thing. Still, very happy to be rewarded even if the loyalty was completely unthinking and born out of a winning combination of laziness and convenience.

That run of wins would be enough for anyone. However the day was about to get even better: Mr & Mrs. OhBlimey (better known as Tim and Pat) was about to whisk me up to Ikea so I could buy another couple of bookcases.

This was the object of my desire. Not a bookcase at all but more shelving for CDs...

A quick exit via the conveyor belt of the soul...

and into the car park...

where Mr. OhBlimey prepares the mirth-mobile for action..

Less than 40 minutes later I was at home with my shelves sat in the yellow room waiting for assembly.

That's about as good a day as you can have, right? But wait there's more. The post had arrived while I was out and about and it contained a review disc of Maze, the new album by the very wonderful trio VD. Then, in a final avalanche of win I received a couple of useful and interesting commissions by email late in the afternoon.

More days like this please!


António Cebola said...

As Lou Reed would s(ay)ing, "Oh It's Such a Perfect day!".

Wish I could see Nik Bartsch's Ronin live as well: it was the best group I found out about in the last few years. And all thanks to ...the Toxic Tome's Author!
Btw, I'm going to check out Sonar and DV , as well.

Keep up the good work...and thanks for sharing it with us!

steven said...

jackpot!!! over and over and over and over!!! lucky boy you are sid!!! steven

Sid Smith said...

Hi there Antonio - thanks for stopping by. So glad there's another fan of Nik Bartsch's music. The Sonar album is out next month on Nik Bartsch's label & is well worth checking out. A similar feel but done with guitars (not quite but you get the idea.)

Sid Smith said...

Hello Steven, yep lucky is pretty much my middle name at the moment.


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