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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

From Nashville To Newcastle

It seems like it's been an age since I left the confines of the yellow room and so I hopped on a Metro and went to Newcastle to soak up the life-affirming properties of the Lit & Phil...

Inside, I had a cuppa with David Almond, who also uses the Lit & Phil as a place to restore one's creative juices. Working in a place like this surrounded by all these wonderful books can't help but get you to raise your game.
I'd more or less just settled down when Andi and Adrian came a-calling. I first met them in Nashville in 2008 when they were working on the King Crimson tour.

The pair have recently relocated to the north east from the Midlands and this was their first visit to the place. After giving them a guided tour of the building, we adjourned to the nearby Grainger Market for a cuppa, a butty and a catch-up...

It was good to catch-up on various happenings in the various musical worlds we orbit and inhabit, as well as remind each other that you only get one shot at this world so best make the most of it!

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