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Monday, October 31, 2011

Four Countries In One Day

Morning in Skurup reading the paper...

Meanwhile, Thomas is on the phone. Sorry, phones...

Packed and ready to go for the final day in Sweden...

On the road...

More candidates for the ECM cover competition...

Into a spectral-looking Lund...

The final seminar focused on the student's revised sleeve note assignment, the knotty world of music biography, and some practical tips for getting through the day when you're writing. Then we were done - slightly ahead of schedule...

After saying goodbye to Thomas (who very kindly walked me to the station and put me on the train) I said goodbye to Sweden...

and hello Copenhagen...

The flight into Amsterdam was fine although we had to wait for around 20 minutes to get the gate to the plane. I made it to the connecting flight to Newcastle in Schiphol just as it was boarding (hence the lack of photographs).

In my haste to get through security I fumbled my macbook as I got it from the bag and saw it tumble to the floor, which it hit with a great head-turning clatter. I hope the metal casing managed to protect the thing from the worst of the impact.

An hour later I was met off the plane in Newcastle by Debbie and Lesley who whisked me back to Whitley Bay to catch-up on all the news.

You know the drill: nice to be away but always nice to come home.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Podcasts From The Yellow Room XLIV

A special podcast talking about this year’s IB Expo 11 held in Halmstad, Sweden with special guest Thomas Olsson.

The Flight Onward
Isildurs Bane
from Mind Vol.2
IB Expo website

Catley’s Ashes
Jakko Jakszyk
from The Bruised Romantic Glee Club
Buy it here
read my album review

Basta from Cycles
buy it here

Rigibahn, Witznan-Rigi-Kulm   
Television Pickup   
from Kinescope Mountain
Television Pickup myspace site

Invisible Rays
Morgan Agren, Henry Kaiser, Trey Gunn
from Invisible Rays
read all about it here

from Roqueforte
Aranis website

Magnificent Giant Battles
Isildurs Bane
from Mind Vol.2

The Morning After The Night Before

Morning in Halmstad...

Breakfast with Jakko and Christian; general agreement that the IB Expo experience is something rather special. Jakko echoed the thoughts of many of the participants: what a pity all that effort, of playing together for a week, ends in just one gig.

After breakfast, Thomas turned up to take Trey to the airport in Copenhagen for his flight back to the States. On our way, Trey said much the same thing; wouldn't it be great to do more than one gig.

After we helped Trey into check-in, Thomas and I headed back towards Sweden via the Oresund bridge...

and more ECM covers...

The last of three lectures is tomorrow and I'll be heading back to Copenhagen airport and back to Whitley Bay.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


By happy coincidence my trip to Sweden happened to coincide with the IB Expo which this year featured Katerine Amsler piano Jana Arne flute, Klas Assarsson tuned percussion, Luca Calabrese trumpet, Axel Crone bass guitar clarinet alto sax, Jakko Jakszyk guitar and vocals, Trey Gunn Warr guitar, Samuel Hallkvist guitar, Mats Johansson keyboards, Liesbeth Lambrecht violin, Christian Saggese acoustic and electric guitar, Kjell Severinsson drums, Joris Vanvinckenroye acoustic bass, Morgan Agren drums...

More ECM covers...

and then onto Halmstad and IB Expo and the rehearsals..

and then with a couple of hundred appreciative punters...

and after the show - lots of fun...

It's a dirty job but, you know, somebody has to do it...


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