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Friday, November 04, 2011

Slow Electric

Slow Electric

Formed when Tim Bowness and Pete Chilvers teamed up with UMA (Aleksei Saks and Robert Jurjendal) for concerts in Estonia during 2010, the resulting project might offer little in the way of surprises to those already acquainted with these players, but it’s no less beautiful or hypnotic because of that.

Drawing upon a 2002 Chilvers and Bowness outing (California, Norfolk), elements of No-Man and improvised material as the basis of the album, it’s replete with lustrous folds of frosty atmospherics, sonorous layers of graceful trumpet, and swathes of subtle, guitar-generated impressionism.

All this accrues around Bowness’s trademark woebegone words which provide oblique yet narrative snapshots of disparate characters negotiating the heartbreak of lost opportunities or the ecstatic intimacies found in the everyday minutiae that we all to often miss.

Essentially this is an ambient album that comes with vocals. Gliding aloft on a reverie of calm introspection and hallucinatory intervals, its textures, though smooth, are also especially intense on tracks such as Days Turn Into Years, and Towards The Shore, both of which Tony Levin lends sumptuous support.

Rich in instrumental detail, the process that exemplifies Slow Electric’s methodology is partially revealed by Bowness when, on Between The Silent Worlds, he intones “words become notes become words”.

You can buy this album here.

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