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Monday, September 19, 2011

Levin Torn White

Levin Torn White
Lazy Bones Recordings

Whilst there’s never been any doubts about Tony Levin being the go-to guy when you want some serious bass end laid down, it’s been interesting to watch his confidence grow as a band leader. With a series of increasingly adventurous solo albums, and Stick Men seriously hit their stride with this year’s Absalom, Levin has unveiled yet another project that’s already caused a few heads to turn. 

The air of surprise surrounding this album isn’t entirely to do with the unorthodox approaches of David Torn - the two go back to Torn’s magnificent 1987 Cloud About Mercury album and Bruford Levin Upper Extremities - but because of the appearance of Yes drummer, Alan White.

The sense of unfettered liberation in the way White rushes at material that’s full of neatly executed twists and musical back-flips is almost tangible.  There’s all the left-field excursions you’d expect from David Torn’s unconventional scatter-gun solos but they’re given a thrilling degree of extra milage as a result of being spattered across White’s propulsive rock-orientated work.

The stop-start cut and thrust of Monkey Mind and the hurtling car-chase of Cheese it, The Corpse showcase busy, high-density workouts that not only have your toe tapping but also get you thinking “how did they do that?”

Although there’s a few moments which long-term admirers of Levin and Torn will recognise (the aptly named White Noise could be an alternative take of Larks’ Tongues In Aspic Part III) but it’s the freshness of this project that really captures the attention from the first note to the last.

Find out more about the album here.


Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

Heard this in the YouTube video and immediately took to the umph of it all and ordered my copy from Papa Bear. Tony's work rarely disappoints, and coupled with Torn and White the three pack a wallop worth listening to.

Sid Smith said...

Hello Dan,
agree 100% with your umph estimate. The wallop factor is high with these boys.


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