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Friday, August 19, 2011

Model Man

It's not often that a person of my girth and interesting good looks gets asked to model an item of clothing. However, the good folks at the DGM Mail Order shop asked me to try out their King Crimson BBQ apron. The resulting photo will adorn their online catalogue at some point in the future, and as a result many thousands of these quality items will fly off the shelves into good and deserving homes.

I'd just made a set of ciabatta bread when Alys took this picture. So I'm in a position to confirm that the official King Crimson BBQ apron is capable of multi-tasking across a range of culinary enterprises!


steven said...

sid, i'm looking at this and wondering if perhaps i could employ the apron during some of my science teaching - when things go pop or fizz or most horrifyingly . . . sit there and do nothing and i need a way out!! perhaps the gaping maw of the crimson king would serve as a distraction for the younger and more impressionable of this year's bunch! steven

Sid Smith said...

You'd definitely capture their attention I'd have thought!

matt said...

Could be a good shot for another DGM caption contest:

Don't forget to thrak the cook.


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