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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fernando Kabusacki Luck / Al Limiti Del Mondo

Samalea & Kabusacki

Luck / al limitidel mondo

Across the course of 75 minutes, Fernando Kabusacki presents 28 sketches that take in pungent electronica, soothing meditative airs, Weather Report-like jazz-rock vignettes, guitar work-outs (in all kinds of folk, jazz, and rock settings), disembodied sampled voices, field recordings, reggae-infused mariachi grooves and throbbing percussive salvos to name but a few. The kaleidoscopic variety of what’s offered ensures that boredom is never a problem.

However there’s sometimes a downside to this scrapbook approach. Just as one is enjoying an engaging moment, the ground is suddenly pulled from underneath by an abrupt change of mood, pace or tone. The effect can be frustratingly unsettling. Though there’s some fine music to be savoured, one is left with the sense of having witnessed a trailer rather than getting to see the whole picture.

If the fragmentary nature of Luck leaves you wanting more then proceed without delay to Al Limiti del Mondo. A collaboration between Kabusacki and fellow Argentinian percussionist and drummer Fernando Samalea, these compositions are fully fleshed-out and articulated pieces.

There’s an unhurried lightness of touch evident in many of the knotty tunes which, despite some of the underlying complexities involved in their construction, play easy on the ear. Sometimes the combination of sleek, galloping rhythms allied with twangy guitar and quicksilver vibraphone reminds one of Pierre Moerlen’s Gong colliding with Duane Eddy.

Fans of Kabusacki’s previous work with Los Gauchos Alemanes, and the Electric Gauchos will warm to the playful picking deployed throughout. Similarly the layered textures which loop and slide across the beats evoke the rich tones of vintage Frippertronics.  Underpinned throughout by his trademark earth-crunching bass and fluid Stick work, Tony Levin’s considerable presence adds useful weight to a satisfying album.

You can hear / buy al limiti del mondo direct from Fernando Kabusacki here.

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