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Sunday, May 15, 2011

2D Is Just Fine Thanks

A lovely day out. Or rather a lovely day in at the Tyneside cinema taking in a couple of movies. The first was a good(ish) ensemble piece called Little White Lies. Lovely to look at, the story was full of those utterly implausible things that seem to happen to people in the French films I watch.

With some films the trailer will turn out to be better than the movie.

Happily, in this instance at least the movie was actually much better than the trailer.

The second movie of the day was a 3-D extravaganza by Wim Wenders called Pina. A bit like French, ballet is a language I don't speak and don't understand. That said, Pina was interesting and although some of the work performed left me feeling unmoved, I nevertheless enjoyed learning a little about someone who had absolutely no idea about before I took my seat and popped my goggles on.

As for the 3D element of Pina? It didn't enhance the thing at all for me and came across as being way too gimmicky. I'd have been just as happy watching it in the good old fashioned way.  I felt the same way about Thor - a good yarn but the 3D FX left me cold.

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