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Monday, June 28, 2010


Sometimes things happen that really remind us how fragile everyone and everything around us is. Upon stepping out of the shower, Alys attempted to close the shower door after it had moved slightly out of kilter in its frame. The result was the shower door exploding into a million pieces and severing the tendon in Alys’ left-hand.

After two and a half hours in surgery the tendon was successfully reconnected and Alys is expected to make a full recovery. Needless to say we were all pretty much in a state of shock and plagued by running all the “what if” scenarios.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Four Castles In One Day

We’ve had Debra’s sister Dude and her partner, Jim, staying with us this last week. The schedule has been that apart from the odd meal time, I haven’t really seen them at all. Not that it matters, as they’re using their time here as a hub for getting out and about.

Today however I strapped myself to the roof rack and we drove up the coast to the lovely village of Bamburgh. I don’t think the weather could have been any better.

Bamburgh is basically a one-street kind of place but when the street is as nice as this...

And how many streets have such a splendid castle?

Walking down to the beach at Bamburgh gives us a glimpse of our second castle of the day, Lindisfarne Castle over at Holy Island...

Debra and I visited Holy Island in 2008 but today we'd opted for a nice walk up the beach towards Seahouses...

Moving off the beach and up into Seahouses itself for a spot of lunch...

Then back to Bamburgh....

and then to Craster...

Aside from being a lovely place in its own right, Craster offers a fine view of Dunstanburgh castle...

Leaving Craster, we drove along towards Alnmouth, pausing to taking in some Vaughan Williams country...

And onto the beach that I played on when I was a small child, still with its WW2 defences...

Then onto Warkworth for a bite to eat and a very nice pint of beer...

with an equally nice view of our last castle of the day (and my favourite of the lot) ...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Podcast From The Yellow Room XXVIII

More adventures in music that combines the interesting, the esoteric, the obscure, the weird and the frankly wonderful.

Rockist Part 1 by School of Language
Talos by Karda Estra from The Age of Science & Enlightenment
Generation by The Blue-Eyed Shark Experiment from The Fluffer
et d√łgn by Genevieve Lacey from Weaver of Fictions
Aqsaq Effendi by Al Orkesta from Where Are We Now?
Do The Bathysphere by David Toop from New & Rediscovered Musical Instruments

Friday, June 25, 2010

Men At Work

For whatever reason I’m finding it easier to undertake my work at the Lit & Phil in Newcastle. I’ve no idea why this is the case but I’m just going along with it.

Today, I’m prepping for sleeve notes of the non-Crimson kind, listening to tracks, and trying to inhabit the world of this particular music before starting the task of actually writing about it.

It’s interesting that whilst I regard the Lit & Phil as a haven of peace and contemplation, it’s calming effects don’t work on everyone.

Today, I have the misfortune to be sitting opposite a man whose typing is so loud, I thought we were under attack from boulder-sized hailstones when he first assaulted the keyboard of his mac book. Perhaps he believes his words will be more passionate or intense if he jabs the keyboard as hard as possible?
He doesn’t go to get a reference book from a nearby shelf. Instead he belligerently stomps over to the section and rips the unfortunate book out from its resting place. Having thundered back to his seat he turns the pages about as aggressively as it’s possible to without tearing them apart.

Slamming the book down, he scoops up his pen and writes as though the red mist has descended. The pen scraping against the paper sounds like the constant rat-tat-tat of a machine gun. All the while, he’s huffing and puffing, and his face is set in a foul attitude, suggesting he’ll explode with rage at any minute.

I guess everyone works in different ways but I end up moving my seat to escape all that whirling negativity.


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