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Friday, November 19, 2010

Shop 'n' roll

If you lead the exciting life of a rock 'n' roll writer, sooner or later in between the never-ending round of booze-filled excess and visionary interludes that constitute your working week, you'll have to visit the local post office depot to pick up a parcel of review discs.

I say "local post office depot" but what I really mean is the post office depot that's inconveniently located in a faraway, out-of-town business park that would take a bus journey lasting over half an hour and then involve a considerable walk to get to.

In circumstances such as this I always give my pal Tim a ring. He's got a great car with seats that warm-up and an in-car sound system that makes your ears and nose bleed when he hits the open highway. Today's in-car entertainment was Herb Alpert's Casino Royale, which is without doubt a fantastic toe-tapper.

After picking up the said package of review CDs, we blasted back to Whitley Bay to the accompaniment of Mountain's Don't Look Around. In keeping with the rock 'n' roll mood, we headed on the highway, looking for adventure and...Sainsbury's.

Tim gives it some rock star attitude as we rove from aisle to aisle...

Eventually, in between picking up some onions, chatting about my up-and-coming travels, nabbing some grapes, how we listen to music, rejecting hair care products, Tim's fabbo new Martin guitar, and finding Hanukkah honey, we saved the soul of rock 'n' roll and probably a few Nectar points into the bargain. No wonder he looks pleased!


Chris W said...

Don't look around cos I'm never coming back. High time you saw the last of me!! O-:

Sid Smith said...

The very same! I was singing it at the top of my voice as drove, roaring along observing the speed limit ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

Tim Sokell said...

Also liking the subtle Steppenwolf reference in there Sid!

Sid Smith said...

It's true, Tim. That's because we're so rock n' roll that we just DON'T CARE as long as we don't scratch the paintwork. Obviously.

Raffi said...

Hi Sid,

Thank you for the beautiful music on your podcast. Are you still doing new episodes? I used to be able to steam them directly from your site, but now I only see archived posts.


Sid Smith said...

Hi there raffi
I've recorded a couple of podcasts but not had the time to upload them at the moment. I might find time to get a couple in before the year end but if not then sometime in 2011.


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