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Monday, November 22, 2010

Going Down South

Today's my mother's birthday and she was in my thoughts as I arrived at the airport well ahead of time. When I was younger I always used to joke with my sister about my mother's propensity to arrive ridiculously early at a train station or wherever. It seemed ultra-cautious and completely unnecessary. Now, I find myself doing just that. I'd rather get to a place early and wait rather than arrive, possibly flustered, at the last minute.

Today's the day when another one of those exciting offers I was talking about here finally gets to happen. I'm off down to London to spend some a few hours with Danny Thompson. For me, Danny is one of those players whose instrumental voice is unique and one way or another, either knowingly or not, I worked out that I've been hearing his bass work since 1969!

Danny is about to start working on his autobiography and I've been asked if I'd like to help with the preparations. Needless to say it took me a nanosecond to say yes!

The airport is almost deserted today.

The office in situ, doing final prepping for Sweden on Thursday...

The plane awaits...

The adventure begins.

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