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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Matt Seattle Band Reivers of the Heart

Reivers of the Heart
Matt Seattle Band
Dragonfly Music

Outside of the Border region folk circuit and the specialist niche-world of pipe music publications, Matt Seattle is probably best known for the album he recorded in 1999 for DGM’s short-lived Present Moment series, Out of the Flames.

Seattle’s interest in mingling the quicksilver sounds which emerge from the pipes with other non-standard instrumentation led to him collaborate with another Present Moment signing, Mr.McFall’s Chamber, for Border Seasons (2001), in which the pipes found a surprisingly able ally in a string quartet.

That adventurous approach has been followed in Matt’s current venture whereby bouzouki and the expressive darabuka drum adds a touch of extra texture and spicy tang. Here the jaunty, nature of the mix of traditional and original tunes which the group produce make for some hail and hearty listening.

Yet there are also moments of magic and mystery. On the epic Thomas The Rhymer Suite, the mandolin-driven melody trickles out a series of shimmering notes, whisked up by the pipes in an exhilarating rush. The yearning introduction to Damascus Drum takes the pipes into a decidedly exotic mode, quickly building to a rousing finale. Reivers of the Heart is a passionate celebration of melody as your likely to hear.

You can buy this album directly from the artist.

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