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Friday, October 29, 2010

Desk Duties XVII

After a couple of days away in Birmingham and Wolverhampton it was nice to return to the desk, despite the complete and utter mess it's in.

As one job gives way to another, I reach for a reference CD or a book. I keep meaning to put them back as I finish with said item but the phone rings, or emails have to be answered and blah, blah, blah, and so the mess, like misery, deepens like a coastal shelf (as someone once very nearly said)...

I may well have to deal with this lot today before it gets any worse!

Today I had a productive conversation on the blower with a well-respected musician whose work I love, about a potential project for the new year.

Then, checking my in-box, I see I've also received an email from a well-established publisher specialising in music titles, asking me if I'd be interested in becoming involved in a potential project.

Blimey, you wait for ages for a prestigious project then two come along at the same time!

Both are speculative at this stage but were they to come off, then I'd be a very busy bee in 2011 indeed. Which is just how we like it! Fingers crossed everyone!!!


Tim Sokell said...

That's some desktop, as well as some desk top, that you have going on there Sid! :)

Sid Smith said...

They are both clean and tidy now. Promise!


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