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Monday, August 02, 2010

Amateur Hour

It's been pleasing to see the take-up for the Electric Eden and Soft Machine podcast go so well. The basic idea behind this strand on the blog is to share and transmit a bit of the enthusiasm engendered by the music / books that come across my desk rather than try and do something akin to a proper arts review show. That's what we've got the BBC for after all!

Still, over 1000 downloads for the Electric Eden edition and heading towards a similar number for the Softs episode isn't too bad at all.

Theo Travis rang today and mentioned he'd listened to it and thought it was entertaining. Also under discussion was the forthcoming Soft Machine Legacy live album which I'm very much looking forward to hearing.


steven said...

hey sid - well done man! steven

Sid Smith said...

And thank you for your ongoing support of the podcasts from your site Steven. It's really appreciated.


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