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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Podcast From The Yellow Room XXVIII

More adventures in music that combines the interesting, the esoteric, the obscure, the weird and the frankly wonderful.

Rockist Part 1 by School of Language
Talos by Karda Estra from The Age of Science & Enlightenment
Generation by The Blue-Eyed Shark Experiment from The Fluffer
et d√łgn by Genevieve Lacey from Weaver of Fictions
Aqsaq Effendi by Al Orkesta from Where Are We Now?
Do The Bathysphere by David Toop from New & Rediscovered Musical Instruments


steven said...

sid - do the bathysphere!! i haven't heard that since my university days when i'd sit with my buddies, huff back whatever was going at the time and then put on david toop! i'm off for a listen right now. steven

veloopity said...

wonderful ... I ordered Karda Estra at once

Sid Smith said...

Hey there Steven,
It was a lovely album for either sitting back to or making uninvited guests go WTF???!!! - after which they'd often clear off. Stockhausen had the same effect the only difference was the speed and violence of the reaction!

This disc is available on CD or for download bizarrely enough.

Sid Smith said...

Hello Michael,
if you ordered it off their website please tell them where you heard it!

I must try and catch up with their other stuff.

Lee said...

Hi, Sid.

I'm not a stickler, but the half-hour format works great for me.

By the way, the Quiet Sun disc is great and you're right -- the keyboards come as close to stealing the show as is possible with such great musicians in the room.

I've also been meaning to mention I always pull out In The Court of King Crimson when there's a new CCC, so I'll be dusting off my copy soon. Perhaps a new edition sometime, I hope.

Thanks as always for a wonderful podcast.


Sour Grapes said...

Hi Sid, great choice with School Of Language. Been a fan of Field Music for a little while now, and find the Brewis lads to be highly underrated.

Next one...have a listen to The Week That Was.

Cheers Ryan

Sid Smith said...

Hi there Lee - glad you're enjoying the Quiet Sun disc. One of my all-time faves that album. Also good to hear the half-hour format works for you as well.

Sid Smith said...

Hello Ryan, thanks for stopping by. Yep the Field Music albums are good aren't they. TWTW has a real quirkiness that I like - mind you sometimes it reminds of Thomas Dolby. Not a bad thing in my book.

djaitch said...


After listening to this postcast, I purchased the School of Language album. BUT!!!! How frustrating is it to find that Ford's latest TV ad has snaffled that tune I first heard here. IMHO there has been too much of this recently (e.g. More Than A Feeling, Hocus Pocus), with only the remix of Battles' Atlas for a Honda ad, sounding like some effort had been made to put out something sounding both familiar and different.


Sid Smith said...

Wotcha Dick,

Good to know you liked School of Language! Know what you mean about adverts but one hopes that the musicians and composers at least get some publishing off them.

djaitch said...

I hope so Sid, I hope so.


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