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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Podcast From The Yellow Room XXIV

If you like music that's full of invention, feeling, innovation, expression, warmth, depth, and humour then you've come to the right place.

Country Dance by SOS from SOS
Tell Me What You See In Me by Sandy Denny & The Strawbs from All Our Own Work
Copenhagen by Strawbs from Dancing To The Devil’s Beat
Smell Of A Friend by The Lodge from Smell Of A Friend
Inside Looking Out by Mark Hollis from Mark Hollis
McCrimmon Will Never Return by Christopher Hobbs from Ensemble Pieces
Care Charming Sleep by The Dowland Project from Care Charming Sleep
Unsteady bass stamping on a musical box by Michael Peters from Live In England
Mountainscape V by Barre Phillips from Mountainscapes


veloopity said...

"Unsteady bass stamping ..." isn't really "by Michael Peters" but rather "with Michael Peters", the other three guys who let me play with them are known as "Darkroom" and this set was part of a concert series called "Improvizone". There is an Improvizone blog entry about the gig - this site has tons of excellent improvised music by Darkroom & guests

dedatolo said...

Gasp ! is The Lodge available on CD ??? Where ?


Sid Smith said...

Hi there Michael, and thank you for correcting my lazy-assed list making.

Sid Smith said...

Hello Andrea,
The CD version I was playing was from 1988 and was out on the Antiles label. I'm guessing it's out there somewhere?

Owen said...

Awesome podcast is awesome! SOS, Strawbs with and without Denny, The Lodge, Barre Phillips (with Trio compatriots Surman and Martin) and more. Woohoo!

And yes, 'Smell of a Friend' is out there on CD but hard to get now IIRC... but FYI it's also available to download via iTunes/emusic/amazon etc.

Sid Smith said...

Hey there Owen,
that Barre Phillips track is the biz, ain't it?

Matt Stevens said...

Brilliant to see you playing Mr Peters :) -very cool

bleedingarts said...

Really enjoying all the Obscure stuff!
... and Surman is always appreciated.

Sid Smith said...

Hi there Matt,
totally agree about MP being very cool!

Sid Smith said...

Hello Neil,
glad you're enjoying the Obscure album selections. I hope to be doing more in the next few weeks. Re Surman - totally with you on that one.

Art Simon said...

Thanks Sid!

My first visit to your blog, and I appreciate the nice eclectic mi. I especially enjoyed hearing the Michael Peters music which was new to me, and the Barre Phillips which I bought "back in the day."

I'll be back!

Martin said...

Hi Sid,
Thanks for reminding me of the Christopher Hobbs piece. I haven't heard this beautiful piece of music for many many years.

Sid Smith said...

Hello there Art,
thanks for calling in. Glad to know you enjoyed the Michael Peters track - although you'll see from the comments above that I didn't properly attribute the piece to the collective group. I too bought the Barre Phillips album 'back in the day' but haven' played it for a while. When I was putting the podcast together it sprang into my mind and so I acted upon the impulse and put it in!

Sid Smith said...

Hey there Martin,
great to see you! It's such a beautiful piece isn't it? Obviously I only played an excerpt but some is better than none. I'll be including some more Obscure tracks in the next podcast so stay tuned.


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