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Monday, May 03, 2010

A Birthday In Barcelona III: Travis & Fripp

Armed with box of scrumptious tasty treats purchased at La Colmena, Lesley and I trekked up the stairs of the Apolo and met up with sound engineer Trev who I’d last seen at Coventry Cathedral in 2009. On stage Travis and Fripp were testing levels. I took a few snaps of the boys as they bleeped and droned...

Afterwards we met up for a natter with Theo later and Robert also joined us for a catch-up on how the rest of the tour had progressed. Lesley was fairly excited. The last time she had spoken to Robert was back in October 1973 when she and I hitched down to Birmingham to see Crimso after Newcastle had been missed off the itinerary.

Having been to all of the Travis & Fripp concerts in various sacred spaces in the UK I was interested to hear how the music worked in what was a standard rock venue. With somewhere between three and four hundred people seated downstairs, Travis & Fripp played for over an hour and indeed came back for an encore. The players ended the evening standing at the edge of the stage applauding the audience and then each other.


Johnny said...

Wonderful! ~ John Marcell

Matt Stevens said...

I would have loved to have gone to this

Sid Smith said...

Hi there
It was a good concert - players investigating areas, seeing what worked,what didn't, wandering off down some blind alleys and then again stumbling into blindingly beautiful light; exactly what you want in a concert where the material is largely improvised.

Johnny said...

I must agree with Matt; would've loved to have seen this! I was privileged to see ProjeKct 3 some years back at the Cactus Cafe... much improvisation and some stunningly beautiful, transcendant moments!

Sid Smith said...

That's what I mean about improvised music - the moving and scrabbling about in search of the moment when it all locks in. Priceless in any gig.

I had a pal at the Cactus Cafe who'd travelled all the way from the UK to see P3. I was green with envy!

Johnny said...

Truly an awesome show; Pat really shined on this gig! As did Robert and Trey! Great crowd, too; I think Adrian attended this show as an audient, as well!

Sandro Bassi said...

Hi Sid, I've been following your soundcheck snaps and they are really great.
Thanks a lot for sharing.
By the way, I have a couple of snaps of yourself in NYC 08 outside the Nokia I'd like to send you.

isa said...

Wow cool that you got access to the soundcheck even! I saw the previous gig, in Alicante. Good stuff and happy that I went!

steven said...

theo and robert's music is a feature of this house on a regular basis. i'm really hoping that some of the spanish tour music appears in some for at some time. steven

Sid Smith said...

Hi there Sandro,
thanks for dropping in and your kind words. The address to send the NYC pics to is
thesidsmith at gmail dot com.

Sid Smith said...

Hello Isa,
re getting access to the soundcheck - it helps knowing the band! Glad to hear you enjoyed the gig.

Sid Smith said...

Hey there Steven,
I'm hoping that some of the Spanish tour will emerge on DGMLive but of course I have no idea when that will be.

Sandro Bassi said...

Hi Sid,
I 've sent you the Nokia NYC pics I told you. Did you received it?.
Check your spam folder in your gmail, otherwise send me a line at sandrobassi at gmail too.

Sid Smith said...

Hi there Sandro,
many thanks for the pictures. Much appreciated. That was a great week in New York.

TheWinkler said...

Hi Sid,

Great show indeed, it also gave me the possibility of meeting you and your lovely sister at last.

I still remember some of the moments of astonishing beautiness of the music, freshly "cooked" in front of us. This is the highlight of improvised music, and it can only be done with such master musicians.

All the best,


Dzhimbo said...

I have yet to enjoy the experience of seeing Professor Fripp performing live. Wish I could have been there.

Interesting (to me, anyway)to see that he's using a whammy bar these days.

Sid Smith said...

A belated hello, Mr.Winkler!

I agreee it was a lovely night. I wish he played Barcelona more often as I'd love an excuse to go back.


Sid Smith said...

Hey there Dzhimbo,
Seeing Fripp live has been an interesting (and for me, life-changing) experience. The whammy bar'd just icing on the cake!


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