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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Under The Volcano VII

The day started off well with news that flights were starting to return to normal. It’s all going to turn out well - or so I thought. I checked our booking online and discovered that we didn’t have anything booked! I got onto the phone and called the number the KLM representative had given me back on the 15th.

When you ring a call centre your experience is in the hands of the person who picks up your call. If they don’t know what they’re doing then you’re probably screwed. Happily for me I had the good fortune to get through to Carla at Delta. She was superb. Her voice instilled confidence suggesting someone who grasped what needed to be done in a second.

It turns out that KLM had us as having flown on the day our flight was cancelled and so when it discovered that we had a rebook for the 23rd it blew a gasket. Now what usually happens in the best sci-fi movies when a computer is faced with a logical impossibility is that smoke snakes out of the vents and the thing blows up. In this case none of that happened and it simply cancelled our flight for the 23rd.

I was on the phone 3 and a half hours as Carla attempted to get through to KLM and get back our seats. All through the epic call she kept me updated and above all reassured that she - yes, she - would get this sorted out.

And by golly she did! So thanks to Carla we now have our flight back. Of course when we get the desk on Friday who knows what fun will ensue! As I sat on the blower for what seemed like an eternity, the rest of the gang had to move apartments. Thankfully our host Grace and Tony have been able to offer us an alternative in the same block for the next couple of days.

With most of the day gone, the boys went into Manhattan to find another comic book store whilst Deb, Al and I chilled out in our new pad...

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