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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Podcasts From The Yellow Room XXI

The 21st podcast goes beyond the borders of genre and country as it takes in folk, jazz, classic pop, ambient, grungy improvised jazz-rock.

In The Woods by Espen Erikson Trio from You Had Me At Goodbye
Ground Hot, Cold by Valgeir Sigurdsson from Dreamland
Seven For Lee by Elton Dean's Ninesense from Happy Daze
History Class by Signe Tollefsen from Signe Tollefsen
Crazy Train by Nicolai Dunger from Play
Wonderful Land by The Shadows from The Platinum Collection
Noroomforsilence by Base 3 from Dark Matter
Broken Wing by Roy Harper from The Dream Society


steven said...

sid!! i have fallen behind on my blogginess and had just upped the link to podcast 20 when 21 appeared hot on its heels but sid - 21 is absolutely fantastic - the elton dean piece is a podcast all on its own. the sun is high in the sky - it's seventy five degrees fahrenheit here and elton's music is hot!!! thanks for the beautiful, transporting music. steven

Lee said...


I hope you don't ever feel like you're alone in the room, doing this great podcast, and that that no one's listening. Nothing worse than thinking you're on your own. And in this case, you're not.

Thanks again for the music and insight. Great stuff.


Owen said...

Hooray for Ninesense!

Sid Smith said...

Hey Steven,
as ever thank you for your heroic and ongoing support for the blog series. Very glad you're enjoying the Elton Dean track - that was Owen's suggestion and a good one as it resulted in me re-listening to the whole album again.

Sid Smith said...

Hi there Lee,
It's always good to get feedback hence the rather grasping appeal in every episode!

As ever thank you for your kind words and support.

Sid Smith said...

Hooray indeed Owen and thanks for being in the right place at the right time in order to suggest it.

CBQ said...

diing diing ding ding-ding-da-ding-da-ding...

Wonderful Land - wonderful...

Russell said...

Fabulous jazz-tinged episode. You're right - there is a lot of it about. I thought it was just me listening to piano trios a lot lately, but clearly I'm not alone. I've just realised that over half of my purchases over the last couple of years have been jazz trio: Crimson Jazz Trio, Neil Cowley Trio, Etheridge Andersen Marshall (no piano in that one), Brad Mehldau, Sunna Gunnlaugs (four people in that one), and my current favourite: The Bad Plus, who have the ability to warp a melody only just short of Les Dawson territory.

So now I need to add Valgeir Sigurdsson to the list - thanks. And another vote for the Elton Dean track... superb!

Sid Smith said...

Hey there Mr.CBQ glad to see you have a bit of love for Hank!

Sid Smith said...

Hello Russell,
thanks for dropping in. That's what I was thinking re a particular type of jazz becoming very dominant. Whilst I like a lot of the "quiet" trio-type stuff, I'm also reminded of the old Jacques Loussier trio - remember them and their Bach adaptations and his Pulsion project?

Anyway, glad you also liked the Elton Dean piece. I should do more to promote the small labels who send me these things by putting up better link information, etc.

Oh, and if you're interested in hearing more from Valgeir there's a track from his previous album on Podcast number 2.

joesh said...

Hi Sid

Nice to see/hear all the great music up on the podcast(s). I also give a vote to the Elton's Ninesense. In fact I think many people have been waiting years for that to be re-issued on CD, so finally .. hooray! I remember seeing the band in '79 which was a very mind blowing experience - for me as a young art student.

In the meanwhile how can we contact you (here obviously) with the idea of getting a CD to you ..... if it's not to assuming to ask? You already sent me an email, but I'm not sure that's a 'usable' address?

Sid Smith said...

Hi there Joe,
thanks for dropping in. I love Elton's work and like you, I was blown away seeing him in concert.

You can drop me a line via
thesidsmith at gmail dot com


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