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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vlogcast From The Yellow Room

I was asked by Eric Anderson to contribute a few words of introduction at a listening party held in Oregon on 13th January, 2010 to celebrate the release of In The Court of the Crimson King.

Unable to get to Oregon in person I recorded it straight to the iMac's camera without the aid of a script or a safety net.

Basically the video is me going "um-er, errr, Lake, blah, um-er, Fripp, ahhh, er, um-er, classic album, um, er, etc, um-er, cliche, er, poor attempt at avuncular humour, er um and um" for about seven minutes.

I don't think I shed any light or insight on the album that a welk with a decent taste in music couldn't have mustered up, but Eric and his pals in Oregon seemed to have appreciated the effort.

Here's a link to Eric's blog detailing the event in question.

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