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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tea Time With Terry

Popping into Newcastle I was able to take pay some bills, make some deposits, withdraw some cash and make it down to the Lit & Phil to meet up with Terry Wiley. Terry is the talented artist and mad genius behind the Sleaze Castle comic book series.

We bump into each so infrequently that neither of us can last remember when it was.

This has been exacerbated for several years now given that Terry spends a fair amount of his time in Chicago.

The occasion of this meeting was ostensibly a sad one. Following the sudden death of his old pal Adrian Kermode, earlier in the year, Terry has gathered up some of Adrian’s writing and anthologised them into this handsome volume.

Terry is making sure that those folks who knew Adrian (of which I was one) received a limited edition copy of the stories. This has involved Terry in a huge amount of work and a fair amount of expense but it's a nice memento to remember Adrian by.

We tried to remember when Terry, Adrian and I had last met up but we were unable to bring it to mind. Sometime in the 80s? The 90s? The 00s? Was so-and-so there? During the summer? Winter? About the only thing we were certain about was that the meeting took place in the Bridge Hotel.

Now, given that neither of us are drug-users, heavy drinkers or prone to standing next to large electro-magnetic forces which might be responsible for bulk erasing the grey stuff in our noggins, it was scary how fleeting and ephemeral these things become.

Terry has also just illustrated a couple of stories in this equally impressive edition, This Is A Souvenir: The Songs Of Spearmint and Shirley Lee which was published earlier this year...

Now I confess that I'd not heard any of the songs of Spearmint or Shirley Lee prior to leafing through this book but greatly enjoyed Terry's work and that of some of the other artists.

Terry is Chicago-bound in the new year so this was probably our last cuppa opportunity for some time to come.

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