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Friday, October 23, 2009

Way Out Of Here

Continuing to feel absolutely cream-crackered but I've perked up with the offer of a sleeve note job. It's a quick turn around but to be honest I quite like jobs like that. I've made contact with the artist to see if they are willing to say a few words about the album in question.

Not all artists are happy to do so. Often screwed by the original contract with the label, there's little incentive to talk about something which they're unlikely to see any return on. Of course that doesn't apply to every artist, and some are keen to put the record straight, and welcome an opportunity to see their back catalogue being given a sympathetic makeover.

For me the job is trying to tell something about the context of the times and the specific circumstances of the record's making. Looking forward to it despite the general struggle through the day at the moment. Shouldn't those anti-biotics be kicking in by now?

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