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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morning Reading VII

A good conversation with Dave Stewart when he rang yesterday.

Me to Dave: “If anyone told me back in 1973 that I’d be talking to you about Uranus I’d have never believed them”. Ho, and indeed, ho.

One theme to come up in the chat was the uphill nature of trying to convince those, who often say, “I’m you’re biggest fan”, not to make available the entire recorded output (including booklet scan) of an artist available for download for free on the internet.

Why should this concept be so hard to grasp? You’re being asked by the artist not to distribute their work for free. Why do these people find that so difficult?

With friends like these...

This morning Bill Bruford rang up to discuss some ongoing internet-related issues.

In passing he asked about the quality of the forthcoming 5.1 remix of Red.

Me to Bill: It’s as near to being in the room with you, John and Robert as its possible to get.”

Bill to me: I don’t have a 5.1 system to hear it.

Me to Bill: You don’t need to. You were there.

After this I headed into Newcastle with Debra. She’s off down to Birmingham for a few days to see friends. As per the rules, we stop for a coffee in Central Station. As per the rules I take a few snaps of Debra that’ll cause her to thump me for putting on line.

After saying our fond farewells, I headed out in to Neville Street, noticing the ominous clouds building up over what used to be Wengers Department Store...

As Debra's train got under way I arrived at my destination...

Upstairs I didn't know what I was looking for...

and then I found it...

1 comment:

Chris W said...

'You don't need to. You were there.' Ha-ha! Priceless! Love it!(-:


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