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Monday, July 20, 2009

Over The Moon?

Actually, I never got over the moon.

To get so far and so high seemed such an achievement back then. And it still does today.

This hunk of rock that slowly rakes over and across our lives still drags a breathless fascination out of me every time I see it.

The boldness of the Apollo programme’s achievements remains undiminished and unequalled; a Heath-Robinson lash-up traversing distance and expectations against the odds.

The fact that only a small bunch of men out of the billions on this planet made it there and back a handful of times only deepens the pull and attraction of its mystery.


steven said...

hi sid, a "heath robinson lash up" really (can i say this) encapsulates the whole piece doesn't it. i mean look at what they had in the way of computing power - less than my kid's clock radio i bet. communication equipment - i compare the technology of your podcasts to the radios they called back to earth with. cameras - who knows but i bet you and i have more built into our macs than they had in their disposables!!! it leaves you gobsmacked doesn't it?!!
cheers, steven

CBQ said...

With you all the way on that one Sid!

Barry said...

Sid, that's a brilliant shot. I can reach out and touch it.

Chris W said...

I totally agree. I'm obsessed with the Moon and space in general!

Even now it's difficult to believe what happened 40 years ago with that relatively primitive technology. Breathtaking stuff...

Last Monday night I visited the London Science Museum for the Apollo Concert, an hour of footage re-edited from the documentary 'For All Mankind' and projected on to an Imax screen. The music for the event was taken from Brian Eno's Apollo album and was re-scored for a semi-classical/semi-electronic ensemble called Icebreaker.They were accompanied by B.J. Cole on lap steel guitar and to top things off Brian Eno gave a warm introduction to the concert and watched it with us.

One of the best things I've ever seen. Brian: can we do it again sometime? (-:

Sid Smith said...

I just saw for All Mankind for the first time on TV recently. Weird having had the soundtrack to it all these years.

BJ Cole in any situation is one-step short of nirvana. In the context you describe Chris, it sounds like that state was achieved.

Chris W said...

Hi Sid,

It was really quite moving. For a while it actually felt like being in space. The combination of the musical and visual was just breathtaking and the sooner the gorgeous new Apollo score finds its way on to CD the better.


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