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Friday, January 30, 2009

Podcasts From The Yellow Room I

The music featured in this episode includes:

1. Lighthouse by Paintbox
Paintbox official site
Paintbox album, Bright Gold and Red reviewed here

2. Will I See Thee More by John McCusker
John McCusker official site here
John McCusker album, Under One Sky, reviewed here

3. Tha Cu Ban Againn by Ken Hyder's Talisker
Ken Hyder's official site
Talisker album, Dreaming of Glenisla, reviewed here

4. Anywhere But Here by Norman Lamont
Norman Lamont official site
Norman Lamont album, Roadblock, reviewed here

Thanks to
Barry Stock
Navigator Records
Reel Recordings

Recorded in the Yellow Room, Friday 30th January 2008.
Duration 21.26


Will said...

Wonderful! The Ken Hyder music was a special treat. You don't need to apologise so much though.

ClinHoulihan said...

Great stuff all this podcast malarky, power to your pods. Only gripe is that 21 mins is not enough, more...................more etc...

Jeffedoe said...

excellent! Is it available through iTunes?

steven said...

thanks for this sid! the music's beautiful -the ken hyder and norman lamont pieces got several replays!


Matt Stevens said...

Great podcast - been a McCusker fan for a while - top work!

Sid Smith said...

Hi there folks - many thanks for the generous comments. It's kind of clunky but it'll get better.

I've made a commitment to do six of these things and then see if it gets a) better, b) quicker to do.

After doing six of them i'll figure out what to do then.

Jeff I haven't uploaded it to iTunes yet - I have to figure out the RSS feed stuff but will get around to it sooner or later.

Matt - agree about McCusker. This is a really good album.

veloopity said...

really enjoyed that, very nice selection of tunes, and also, it was nice to hear your voice again after all these years ... (when did we meet on that gc course, sometime in the mid-nineties?)

Sid Smith said...

Hi there Michael,
As to my voice - from what I remember of yours, I think more people would understand your diction rather than mine.

Sometimes when I've been abroad and talking to Americans I've been mistaken for being German!

I guess that's the burden of being saddled with one of the UK's most thick-set regional accent.

As to when we met up, the way I'm feeling this morning it feels more like mid-seventies!

Thomas said...

Excellent podcast, sign me up!


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