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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Testing For Buzz L 1968 And All That XXI

40 years ago today Apollo 8 set sail for the moon. It's difficult to explain to someone who wasn't around at the time just how big a deal this momentous take-off was. A tin can with three humans inside was going to leave our world behind, travel a greater distance than any other persons in the entire history of our planet, and come back and tell us about it!

The logistics and resources needed to make all of this happen were staggering. Still are staggering when you consider it. Not yet having succumbed to cynicism at that stage in my life, my excitement found expression in drawings, press clippings, and trying to cram every fact about the men and the hardware that was going to make it possible into my head.

This is also my favourite mission badge of them all. It beautifully captured the purpose of the mission (to get to the moon and get back folks) and the designated number. What a neat piece of integrated design!


djaitch said...

May I be first to spot the pun?

Testing for Buzz, as in Aldrin - pilot of Apollo 11!

Sid have a good Christmas and great new year

Sid Smith said...

Seasonal greetings to you and yours, Dick Re the pun - I'd never thought of that one! The title for this thread derives from buzz,as in excitement. Testing for it means seeing if anyone else out there agrees or not.

I believe the first time I came across the phrase was when I worked for Peter Burn-Jones circa 1978, appropriated from a sound engineer's expression for fault-finding on old valve systems and desks.

The Buzz Aldrin on is probably much better though!

Mushtimushta said...

A very evocative piece of writing there, Sid. Particularly the bit where you remind us how cynicism and children are poles apart. Then I got to thinking - if I could have my cynical bone removed surgically, would I? I decided against it in the end, because that would mean that I'd have to become an Australian, between the ages of 20 & 30 on a gap year in the UK, where today is the first day of the rest of my life and that must be exhausting.

daleGmoore said...

Nice post Sid. Apollo 8 is my favourite too. And yes, the mission badge is a classic design; simple but clever and evocative.

I am old enough to remember it - just!


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