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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chaos In Theory And Practice (One More Time)

Displacement activity can be a terrible thing. In the face of a particular piece of work or a pressing deadline we opt to do something else. Sometimes it's with the intention of doing some "thinking" whilst engaged in another task, often a physical one.

Usually my displacement activity is making a pot of tea but over a week ago I decided to start rearranging the working space within the yellow room. Needless to say, once I'd started I had to stop and leave everything in a state of disarray whilst life and pressing deadlines got in the way. Yesterday, I finally got things back the way they should be.

Of course I'm not claiming that this is in any way tidy but at least now I can get some work done now!


Tony said...

Nice shelves! I NEED some like that too. We have entirely too many books spread out all over the house.

CBQ said...

7th CD section from the right, 7th down from the top, fourth CD from the left "The First Day" by Sylvian Fripp - great album...

Can i ask, when you get new stuff, how do you amalgamate it in?

Do you have your CDs in alpha, or some other, order?

Sid Smith said...

Hi there Tony,we have bookcases on the different landings and of course in each of the rooms. We're hoping to downsize once the kids all leave home so I'm looking forward to a giant yard sale!

Hello Mr.CBQ - CDs are in alphabetical order and integration when it takes place involves a mighty shuffle. Trouble is of course, I never ever want to do that so what happens is piles of CDs and CDRs build up.

If you study the picture you'll see the top of a guitar case peeking up behind the chair. Behind the guitar case is a pile about four foot tall of CDs hovering between heaven and hell.

Below the desk on the right hand side of the picture is a large curver box brimming with white label promos.

I can't believe we're having this conversation. It's a man thing for sure.

Owen said...

The next time my family complain about me having too many CDs (and LPs etc) I'm showing them that last photo. That'll learn 'em. Ha!


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