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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Under Scrutiny

Rick Gillyon came to the rescue yesterday and after a couple of hours managed to sort out the PC problems. It was caused by a corruption in the HP software which in turn was running all sorts of things which was then draining the CPU usage. After extensive Trojan horse/malware/zombie checking the PC got a clean bill of health, the HP problem was sorted out with a download patch. The CD was coaxed back into action and now plays perfectly. So, a result all round and everyone's happy. Here's Rick in action. Looks easy doesn't it?

I'm doing a spot of Porcupine Tree research for a potential project at the moment and so whilst Rick worked I introduced him to Fear of a Blank Planet. He was impressed.

On the desk today...

Where have all the satirists gone? Who in the UK is subjecting our politicians to this kind of incisive scrutiny?

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