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Sunday, July 06, 2008


After all that rain yesterday, we managed a day out. First Debbie and I went up to Bernardstrasse to say goodbye to the Quinns who are off to Venice. We are so jealous of them especially as they are staying in the very apartment which Debbie, Alo, Gordon and myself enjoyed back in 2006. Our only word of caution to them was to avoid the Negroni - something which Alo and Debbie conspiculously failed to do...

From Bernardstrasse, we Metro'd into Newcastle so I could pick up a new bag for my impending US trip. After this and yet more rampant consumerism (a pair of trainers no less), we ended up in the newly refurbished Tyneside Cinema.

We went to see The Visitor, directed by Thomas McCarthy whose previous movie, The Station Agent, we both absoultely loved.

Picking up on another set of apparently ill-matched individuals McCarthy subtly explores alienation and the human necessity to connect, something the uptight and bereaved college professor (thoughtfully portrayed by Richard Jenkins) seems unable to do.

The elements of chance which bring people together can also tear us apart and in doing so, Jenkins' character comes painfully to life. As with The Station Agent, sentimentality is avoided via taut performances from Jenkins (and particularly Hiam Abbass) who work expressive wonders with the sparse dialogue.


Barry said...

Viva Lumix!

Viva Sid Smith!

I find that the indoor portrait mode is uncanny at finding faces and adjusting for them. It will find quite a few in a crowd, the little boxes popping up in the viewfinder when you press the shutter button half way. It's a little creepy, actually. They're watching you, and they know who you are.

Indoor Sports mode great for ill-lit fast action.

Crappy, very low light: Scene Mode, High Sensitivity, 4:3. Noisy as hell and smaller megapixels, but when you have to get the shot, and can't use a does the job.

A Must Read: "When You Are Engulfed In Flames", by David Sedaris. The last chapter about quitting smoking worth twice the price of admission, and the chapter entitled "That's Amore" as well.

C U N Philly mate.


Sid Smith said...

I'm trying to pick the camera up everyday and spend some time fiddling about with all the different settings. Still quite lost in it all but I'm enjoying the process of discovery. I just wish I could find the time to spend half day with the thing.

Yeah - see you in Philly. Not long now!


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