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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Room Without A View

The travel details for the forthcoming trip to America are finalised though a little fine tuning is still required. Enthusiastically opting for a great flight out to Nashville, I’d neglected to leave myself enough time to get from Newcastle to London and the airport in question.

Such unmitigated dumpkopfery means I'm now having to spend a night in an airport hotel the night before. Casting around for a likely place to put my head, I’ve discovered the joys of Yotel. This is not something I’m looking to but it is cheap and well, there’s complimentary wifi.


Matt said...

My brother and I have tickets for the Saturday night gig in Nashville--we're driving eight hours from Cleveland, Ohio--hope to see you there!

Sid Smith said...

Blimey 8 hour drive! That's some dedication. See you there indeed!


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