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Monday, June 30, 2008

Too Long In The Tooth

I spent a portion of this morning watching bits and pieces of the Glastonbury festival courtesy of the BBC’s iPlayer. Mostly I find myself feeling indifferent to most of the music presented on the show, which is how Noel Gallagher apparently felt about certain aspects of the concert programming. I have to confess I’d never heard of Jay-Z (I mean not even remotely heard of Jay-Z) prior to seeing the highlights.

His retort to Gallagher (playing karaoke to "Wonderwall" might have seemed like a good idea but did you actually hear the guy singing? Flat as a proverbial pancake - but then maybe it was deliberate; a clever jibe at what Jay-Z perceives to be the inadeqacies of the Gallagher oeuvre . Or maybe he just can't sing a decent tune for toffee?

And then, maybe I'm just too long in the tooth for what passes as both today's pop music and irony?


Hazy Dave said...

Defending the validity (or something - perhaps the popular appeal) of live hip-hop music, the editor of an 'urban music' magazine says, "Gone are the days when a guy would turn up with a microphone and grab himself while wandering around mumbling." Published next to a photo of Jay-Z grabbing himself. Hah.

Will said...

I don't think Jay-Z ever claimed to be a singer and I put his terrible attempt down to nerves (how naive am I?) But I loved his set. Oasis would have had the crowd singing along I'm sure but, for me, the Jay-Z set was always going to be more interesting. If only because Oasis seem to produce a homogenized mush of music that doesn't seem to even aspire to greatness. You're right though - why is there so much boring music? I'd like to think that's a challenge to the younger creative community.


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