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Monday, April 14, 2008

Testing For Buzz XLI: 1968 And All That XVI

It's always struck me as odd that Nick Fury, agent of SHIELD, has never been transferred to film like many of the other Marvel heroes. As a kid I was buying up everything that had Nick Fury on the cover that I could get my hands on. Initially a wise crackin', cigar-chompin' commando from WW2, Marvel rebranded him as a hi-tech super agent tackling the hordes of HYDRA (amongst others ). These comics never used to appear in order and so one month Nick was battling the Third Reich and the next he was all Pop Art and espionage. And I lapped it up without batting an eyelid.

This isn't the first time I've featured on the powerful, psychedelic-tinged artwork of Jim Steranko that graced these little hummers. A great sense of style that plugged in the wider culture of the times. Mary Quant, poetry, Beatles albums, Bridget Riley, Nick Fury. It all seemed to fit together easily.

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Navdeep Jhaj said...

So, a 1998 TV movie for cable about Nick Fury starring the immortal David Hasselhoff in the title role doesn't cut it??


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