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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Desk Duties I

Sometimes you get a run of really poor albums crossing the desk and sometimes the wind changes, and what arrives is engaging, engrossing and excellent. Whether good or poor, there are times when it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to take it all in, never mind actually write about any of it.

On the blower in the morning: Dave Stewart – catching up on a couple of in-the-pipeline items. Neither of us has heard of Julian Jay Savarin or Julian’s Treatment, who I’m currently writing about. I speculate he may be one of the great lost keyboard greats such as Eric McWhirter.

At lunchtime Bernard popped around to try and advance our graphic novel project. A combination of work and my chronic indecision about approaches to storyline have prevented me feeding scripts to Bernard for him to work on. Whilst he is of course busy with lots of other things, without my pages on his desk there’s no way of him moving things onwards. Today, Bernard left with three separate storylines that had been languishing as a fretted and worried about them.

On the blower in the afternoon: Jakko and a truncated catch-up.

1 comment:

Eheu said...

Dear Sid
Sorry I probably shouldn't take such liberties, so my apologies but it's a matter of International Import.
Could you possibly, the next time you have a chat with Dave Stewart, please remind him that there are loads of people leaving sad and hopelessly optimistic messages on his guestbook wondering, for the last 8+ years, when, indeed if, he and Barbara G. are ever going release some more music.
Personally I imagine he's given up on all that and has found someother more sensible way of making a living.
Fair enough.
It's just that "DaveBarb" website appears otherwise completely unattended; and while I have the absolute deepest respect for the man, the mind and the music (as was), I find it inexplicable that after all this time he can't just put us all out of our flippin' misery one way or another.
The silence is deafening!

Thankyou Sid
love your work


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