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Monday, February 11, 2008

Back On The Mend

The consultant swept in early in the morning to tell Joe that there’s no evidence of a fracture – it’s confined to nerve and muscle damage - and that he should make a full recovery. They want to keep him in for another day for observation and an assessment by the physiotherapist. So today was an opportunity to get out of his rugby kit (at last!) and get a much needed shower.

As you can see from this post-shower picture, Joe is a joyous mass of celebration and gratitude following the news of his prolonged exposure to the National Health Service.

His mood was lifted later in the day when his mates from school and Rockcliff rugby team visited. Even better news for the tyro egotist was the arrival of a photographer from the local newspaper who took a couple of snaps of yer man on his bed of adulation. Unable to find a wifi signal in the hospital, I missed all the fun having slipped home to meet a couple of deadlines which were looming up.

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