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Monday, January 21, 2008

Testing For Buzz XXXI 1968 And All That VII

Back in August 1968 Allen Ginsberg, along with a whole bunch of anti-war, long-hairs and other radical literistas were giving it some heavy duty verbals during demonstrations outside the Democratic Convention in Chicago. He was leading chants of OM and generally getting on the tits of those in authority in Chicago. Ginsberg notes “Tear gassed chanting OM at Lincoln park Yippie Life-Festival Chicago 1968 Presidential convention, then accompanied Jean Genet & William Burroughs on front line Peace “Conspiracy” march led by Dave Dellinger.”

What's interesting about this for me is the extent to which the poet was seen at that time to be socially and politically relevant to the youth culture of the day, that their was an expectation that the writer would be on the barricades.

40 years on, where have all the poets gone?

1 comment:

Singing Bear said...

A very good question. The 'Counter-Culture' was eaten up by big business and has never recovered. Equally, kids today just don't 'do' poetry.


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