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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random Penguin 5

Cover design by Patrick McCreeth


Matt said...

That's a great cover! And speaking of covers, here's a new CD with some Crimson covers on it:

My healthy resolutions are still going strong--thanks for the encouragement!

Promise said...

Damn! (or should that be Bamn!) It's over 30 years since I saw a copy of this. Our (now sadly dead) but then young and hip physics teacher (yeah, really!) had a copy - and though I knew little about its contents I knew that it must be a cool book to own. Never forgot it, never saw another copy... until today. Said teacher also introduced me to Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin and ... King Crimson. Musically, life was never the same again - especially after I saw the Larks band at Uni in October '73 while studying physics - chosen over maths largely as a result of the fact that the same teacher had demonstrated that it was possible to be interested in counterculture and science. It's true what they say - a good teacher can influence the rest of your life.


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