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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Handyside Arcade’s Place In The Cultural Revolution

This footage from Pathe news works on so many levels. Corny, clich├ęd and cringe-making it may be but it does contain some counter-culture gold dust.

Centred around Intro – a short-lived cash-in magazine – it offers a quick guide to the 60s youth scene. Originally shown in cinemas around the country this might explain why it includes a trip to a trendy swinging hotspot in Manchester and some brief and incredibly rare footage of Newcastle’s Handyside Arcade - – a fabled place of my own youth which I’ve mentioned before on the blog and is of course, no longer standing.

The amount of times I get visitors to this site looking for material about the Handyside is phenomenal. (Here's a quick snapshot and some musing upon its disappearance) There is so little information, photographs or footage in existence during its heyday, hence my excitement at stumbling across this mini-feature.

And for the non-Newcastle seeking visitors, there’s plenty of treats. Artist Paul Whitehead getting psychedelic with a car, footage of The Speakeasy and The Scotch of St. James clubs in London, Yoko Ono (or a lookalike) digging advanced mathematics and even dear old Damon Albarn’s dad, Keith, doing daft things with inflatable arts and a happening. Yeah, Baby!

I’d never heard of Intro magazine so if anyone out there has any further information please let me know. And now, onto our main feature.

1 comment:

Will said...

Wonderful! I loved the magazine's offfice "... there's discipline" just like the DGM HQ then.


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