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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Something In The Air

I was out and about this morning though not as early as usual and not on my usual route. The sky (or rather the light) was incredible but sadly none of these pictures do it justice.

Looking to the west it's all blue and full of promise...

But looking back towards the east, it's a different matter entirely.

After booking Debbie an appointment to see her doctor for later today, I took a walk down the Esplanade to see how the weather was shaping up out over the sea.

Looking out toward the west...

and now to the east...

Something strange and unsettling was rattling around the air this morning. It was oppressive and tangible - haunted weather indeed.

The bleak wash of light over the horizon reminded me of this painting by Ornulf Opdahl.

A series of emails about an old vinyl album currently being remastered has my anorak-heart flapping with glee, and then if that wasn't enough I read that The Longest Night by John Stevens and Evan Parker is being reissued by Ogun.

This news has me rushing downstairs to the Red Room to grab Volume One and Two of this classic bit of improvised music...

Fortunately, I ask Joseph to capture my surprise and joy on camera before I put The Longest Night Volume One on our old turntable. I say "before" hearing the music because after about 35 seconds into the album, Joe legs it sharpish from the room shouting back "God, dad! This is terrible. It's even worse than those old Pink Floyd albums you keep playing!" The youth of today eh?

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