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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Errin

There’s only one thing worse than going to a cash machine and having your request declined, and that’s going to a cash machine and having your request declined when you know there’s plenty of moolah in the account! Rather frustratingly, that was the situation after Sean and I parted company with Verity and the gang after the show.

Scuppered and slightly cashless, I prevailed upon Sean to whisk me off to the fleshpots of Nottingham (code for a pizza and back to his gaff to prog it up large!). We viewed a preview copy of the forthcoming Yes DVD amongst other things until it was time to hit the sack. I was bivouacked in the front room, and though dog-tired, I couldn’t get to sleep before leafing through a few back copies of Mojo.

After a lovely evening in Nottingham, it was also a lovely morning.

After chewing the cud, Sean and I headed off into the town centre so I could get the train. Unlike the journey here, we made it to the station in plenty of time.

En route to Grantham (where I was to change for Newcastle), Errin rang to thank me for her birthday present. Here's the birthday girl herself last night...

She’s going off to Northhampton University soon to study art. Her brother, Isaac, is thinking of studying either drama or music in Newcastle. Bernard and Lesley have some talented kids!

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