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Monday, December 05, 2005

A League Of Their Own

Last night was spent doing final preparations for London this week and listening to Alex “Stormy” Mundy’s ongoing restoration of the League of Gentlemen.

I thought the original source tape of the audience recording was pretty good but after Alex has been busy with it, the whole thing sounds amazingly fresher, as though he’s scraped off a layer of accumulated grime and grit.

It’s an astonishingly tight band. I suppose I find these recording all the more powerful because I never saw them live. As I listen I can only imagine what it must have been like seeing this band up close.

The other part of the evening involved sitting in one of the many local restaurants that form the life and soul of the Whitley Road. The eatery of choice tonight was The Kismet. It seemed like a good idea to share a few hours alone given that we’re going to be apart for the week.

Final calls made and last minute emails now sent.

The Whitley Bay branch of The Yellow Room is closing down for the week. The London branch will be opening up tomorrow. If you’re at the Porcupine Tree gig on Wednesday, be sure to say hello!

Until then. . .

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