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Friday, September 30, 2005

Where The Heart Is

I’m now back in Whitley Bay after several very useful and productive days in London. It was such a treat staying with Jakko and Amanda who pampered me far more than I deserve. I’m hoping to get back down once again before the year is out to take advantage of Jakko’s impressive range of industry contacts.

It was wonderful to see the children again who looked like they’d grown ten feet taller since I last saw them. Conversational highlights with Tom included thoughts on the possibility that Nikolai Tesla and Leonardo Da Vinci are either a) from the future b) aliens from another world or c) incredibly clever individuals. Needless to say the last option was the one we discarded first.

Elsewhere . . .

Love Cannot Bear by Robert Fripp received its first plays today. This isn’t what I’d expected. In fact there were a couple of places where I found myself doing a double-take and furrowing my brow in consternation. The acoustic guitar solo on Easter Sunday stopped me dead in my tracks whilst On My Mother’s Birthday (first heard on Sometimes God Smiles compilation ) meanders in a strangely disconcerting fashion.

The title track also wrong-footed me. Adrian Belew’s vocoder vocals startled and unsettled me on first play. By the second or third time around I arrived at an accommodation of their presence but I’m not sure I wouldn’t rather have had him singing naturally against what is one of the most poignant and beautiful soundscapes Fripp has produced.

It’s a Robert Fripp Soundscapes album – but not as we know it.

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