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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Postcards From The Blue Room

All good things must come to an end. N&H left today to drive back to Birmingham. We were both very sorry to see them leave. Tom on the other hand was overjoyed; it meant that he could continue painting his room blue. Roz had been sleeping in there and though happy to see our guests he was obviously happier to see them gone.

I give him a hand with the decorating not because he needs it but because we’re having a good laugh. Although it’s a small attic bedroom it’s his space and he’s keen to stamp his personality on it. Which probably means getting the room looking like it’s been ransacked by a bus load of burglars. He assures me that keeping a room tidy when it’s as small as this won’t be a problem. I tell him that tidy is a state of mind - the size of the room is unimportant. He tells me my hand is covered in paint from the roller and that I’ve stood on the upturned tin lid. Joe peers in with the camera thus averting a quick descent from the attic of accord to the basement of blame.

1 comment:

Barry said...

Young man, while your at it, slap a couple of coats of blue on that exposed cosmic emission reflector that's hogging the frame. It's causing a reflection I can see all the way from here. Might as well paint the whole damn thing, it certainly looks like it could use a touch up. Don't miss the hairy bits, which seems to be most of it save the top.


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