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Friday, July 15, 2005

Listing A Little Bit. . .

In the new Q special on Prog Rock there’s a list of what their panel of white-coated boffins regard as essential in the world of musical adventures. So how many of these albums do you own?

Less than ten means you're in a relationship and have friends who don't have pizza stains on their beards. In fact none of your friends have beards. You have friends! Well you get the idea.

  1. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
  2. Foxtrot by Genesis
  3. Close To The Edge by Yes
  4. In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson
  5. Brain Salad Surgery by ELP
  6. A Farewell To Kings by Rush
  7. Aqualung by Jethro Tull
  8. Space Ritual by Hawkwind
  9. Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield
  10. Ok Computer by Radiohead
  11. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
  12. The Yes Album by Yes
  13. Hot Rats by Frank Zappa
  14. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway by Genesis
  15. The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other by VdGG
  16. Octupus by Gentle Giant
  17. Misplaced Childhood by Marillion
  18. Frances The Mute by The Mars Volta
  19. In The Land of Grey And Pink by Caravan
  20. Third by Soft Machine
  21. Lateralus by Tool
  22. Larks’ Tongues In Aspic by King Crimson
  23. Moonmadness by Camel
  24. Moving Waves by Focus
  25. A night At The Opera by Queen
  26. Pampered Menial by Pavlov’s Dog
  27. Agaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros
  28. L by Steve Hillage
  29. Five Bridges by The Nice
  30. Music In A Dolls House by family
  31. Roxy Music by Roxy Music
  32. Moontan by Golden Earring
  33. All Together Now by Argent
  34. Hatfield And The North by Hatfield And The North
  35. Flying Tapot by Gong
  36. Dance of The Lemmings by Amon Duul II
  37. In Search Of The Lost Chord by The Moody Blues
  38. Phaedra by Tangerine Dream
  39. Once Again by Barclay James Harvest
  40. 666 by Aphrodite’s Child


Karl Corned said...

I score 22, Mr Sid...

Philip said...

Hmm, an 'honourable' 15 for me.

Some questionable entries are in there.

Andrea said...

23...but I doubt Queen, Roxy, Argent, Moody Blues could be part of prog.....and Aphrodite's Child too!


Rick Kay said...

Have 11, have heard 15. Should I pursue further research?

Sid Smith said...

No Rick - quit while you're ahead!

Rupert said...

Twenty!!! But no way the likes Radiohead, Tool or Caravan progrock.

woody said...

On the contrary caravan was one of the first bands to play odd time signatures a prerequisite for being prog. maybe the prototype prog band. I had 6 of these. 2 by Yes two by KC aqualung and one other one. I would be proud to own focus moving waves and hatfield and the north though. Not a big fan of ELp's Brain salad sugary. Not that it's bad but i find the 1st three much more interesting. i guess i lost interest at that point so i should give it a try.

Kram said...

Well I've 11. bet I'm the only one here with Pampered Menial by Pavlov’s Dog.
Hot Rats is prog? Phaedra is prog?

Owen from the dark side said...

I actually only have ten of those... damn your cut-off being LESS than ten! It's seems my prog-nosis is terminal. (oh dear, that was a pun too far wasn't it? sorry about that.)


Sid Smith said...

Just in case you missed it on the entry for July 13 I admit to owning 28 of the blighters - including a copy of Pampered Menial Kram. Spookily, Mark (the editor of the edition) also owns 28. Perhaps we need to get our life/prog balance in a bit more perspective.

Sorry about the cut-off of ten Owen. You and Kram came so close to being nice, regular people.

Rupert said...

The other scary thing is I think there are four, possibly five, LPs on this list which might feature in my 'worst Lps ever made' list!

Sid Smith said...

Well there's certainly one on the "Worst LPs ever made" list for me. Sitar-guru and all round good guy Remco Helbers sent me this message "Did your test and guess what…..11 records are in this house….

Problem…..the majority of them are from Ada….(that's Remco's wife)

Now what to do? Divorce?"


Sid Smith said...

Hi there Woody,
I feel the same way about ELP - I lost interest after Trilogy. BSS just sounded plumb ugly. A couple of years ago in leafy Highgate I was strapped into a chair and made to listen to the 5.1 version of BSS and I admit it sounded wonderful. The music was still grim but it sounded amazing.

Trevor Lever said...

Hi Sid,

I scan 29 across the CD / LP racks at Lever Towers. <22 out of the top 25>
Some strange choices for "prog" and many ommissions (in my opinion)

It would be 30 but my copy of Phaedra is still with an ex-girlfriend.



Sid Smith said...

Hi there Trevor,

that sorry score puts you out in front - way out in front! So far that means Kram and Rick are the most well-adjusted and socialable amongst us. Blimey!

Nadim said...

Some of the albums on the list are surprising choices for "prog" music... :) Nevertheless, I'm just on the cusp: 10. Don't know if that's good or bad, though.

Kevin said...

I have 7 but have heard or owned 23 in my time

Russell W said...

I score 15, including the top 5 and nothing below number 24.

As someone old enough to remember a time when these were "underground" bands and the term "prog" hadn't been invented... I strongly support Radiohead's inclusion. I have long held the view that OK Computer contains all the hallmarks of prog: quirky time signatures, ambient sound effects, high production values, complex transitions and segues, interesting stuff going on when you listen on headphones, some sort of album "concept" that you can't quite put your finger on, a commercial track or two that are smoothly integrated into the whole, and an album that is so-so at first listening but just grows and grows each time you put it on again.

To be honest, I'm surprised that Q didn't include Kid A in the list.

Richard said...


I've just scored less than 10 in the Q list (total of 7 with 2 of those released in the last 5 years)! As a bloke who claims to be a prog fan surely this requires immediate action....... It's interesting going though the list for me as someone who was born the year "punk arrived to scorch the earth clean of prog", there are a vast number of albums I've never even heard of. But also, there are a number of albums by bands I claim to like and yet don't own. In the most case this is because my collection for that band comprises mostly live albums (e.g. I don't own any Rush or Yes studio albums yet have the majority of their live albums). For me live albums always seem to capture me more than studio albums (provided of course the bands can actually play and sing live........ ). I can't remember the last time I listened to the album versions of LTiA or SaBB and yet the live collectors club versions rarely leave my CD tray.

Perhaps this leads to the next top 10's

1) Top 10 live prog albums or
2) Top 10 most disappointing prog bands live.....

Barrie Sillars said...

Ok I'll own up to having 35 of the buggers! I had a complete run up to 24, then Queen had to go and spoil it! What the hell they are doing there I don't know. Pomp maybe but not prog. Great edition though. I liked the interview with Pete Sinfield. Prog Hero indeed!!

Philip said...

Hah, the silly billies have id'd Ian McDonald as Mel collins on page 20!

Tis from 1969 you Q foo's!


Larry S. said...

29, just very slightly more pathetic than Sid. Oh there's nothing pathetic about owning a bunch of these; on the other hand, to be writing, now, about how many of these you own,

Sid Smith said...

35 out of 40! Bliimey and I thought I was bad. Please stick around Barrie you make the rest of us look well-adjusted.

Of course Larry is right on the button about this exercise. It's one thing to keep a list but it takes a special kind of guy to write about said list.

For some reason Richard Maughan's posting hasn't appeared on here. However, he did write
"Hi Sid,
I scored 25 out of 40. No wife, no girlfriend, no kids! I did manage to take an unsuspecting female to see Van der Graaf Generator. She quite liked it up until she heard the line "there is a killer inside of me". That was a difficult one to explain away!"

A cautionary tale if ever there was Richard.

Barrie Sillars said...

...And out of the 35 I can count 23 that I have on original vinyl. I bet that impresses you all!!

For the record I have wife and child and maybe an unhealthy passion for prog rock. So not too maladjusted then!

Sid Smith said...

Impressed and probably jealous Barrie!


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