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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Look Out

After staying with us overnight, Debbie's mum left for her flat yesterday. I couldn't believe how good her eye looked. Slightly bloodshot and a minor bit of swelling. She was in a chipper mood, helped no doubt, by the rather fine weather we're having at the moment.

Debbie and I took a walk down to the end of our street this morning to take in a view that was more Mediterranean than North Sea. Gorgeous sunlight, bright blue skies, sparks of light dazzling us on the tide. On the horizon, fishing boats from Cullercoats check their pots; trim white sails of yachts slicing the wind. Across the rim of our view, a packed ferry prowls its way eastwards towards Amsterdam or Bergen or Gothenburg.

Over to the north, the lighthouse looks resplendent, visitors crossing the causeway to take advantage of the numerous rock pools that are left behind at low tide. Beyond it, the wind farms at Blyth, Newbiggin, and even further to Lynemouth, some twenty miles up the coast. It looks wonderful.

Below us, the bay is dotted with walkers and the promenade has joggers, riders and families wandering about. The only downside is the constant accompaniment of traffic noise as inevitably perhaps given the beautiful weather.

Less than an hour later the rain was coming down like stair-rods. The moral of the story; seize the moment because you never know how long it’s going to last.

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